Grifco eDrive +2.0 ML5153

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ML5153 Grifco eDrive 2.0
ML5153 Features
  • Powerful range of motors with purpose designed gearbox for durable, reliable operation
  • Intelligent logic system for exceptional adaptability and integration into the building ecosystem
  • Optional expansion board for advanced functionality 
  • Automatic chain-engage mechanism for safe and easy manual operation in the absence of power
  • Absolute Position Encoder for reliable door positioning and improved safety 
  • Motor is disconnected the instant the manual hand chain is engaged

Standard Roller Shutters 

All operators have a recommended maximum Roller Shutter area listed in the specification table. All recommended sizes are based on a “Standard Roller Shutter” (refer below):

  • The Shutter is correctly spring balanced
  • The Shutter has max 1.0mm x min 100mm slats, with a Diameter 150mm drum for shutters max 36m², or Diameter 200mm drum for shutters 36 – 50m²
  • The Shutter has no wind-locks • A sprocket ratio ≥ 4:1 is used
ML5153 Specifications
Kw  1.10kW
Amps 2.55A
Hp 1.5HP
Voltage 415V
Phase 3ph
MaxSB Door Size 50m2
IP Rating  IP44
Duty Cycle LC

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