Grifco Commercial Garage Door Opener For All Types Of Doors

Sid’s Doors can supply, replace and install commercial garage door openers or commercial garage door opener parts across a range of commercial sectional and roller door applications.

Sid’s Door Services specialise in the Grifco brand, the world’s most user-friendly and technologically advanced commercial garage door openers and accessories. So you don’t have to wait for parts shipment, we always keep in stock the following for immediate installation.

  • safety beams
  • control panels
  • remotes
  • MyQ upgrade kits

How long will it take to install my garage door opener?

Commercial door opener installation varies depending on individual circumstances, but approx. 3-5 hours. Residential door openers take less time to install ranging from 30 – 60 minutes.

Can I install a garage door opener myself?

Commercial doors openers require a professional, licenced installer to be installed.

Residential door openers can be DIY, however, the warranties are reduced to 12 months only.

We recommend door openers be installed by professional installers to sustain a longer door life and ensure the door opener operates as best as possible.

What Post-installation Care do you offer?

Despite this reliability, commercial garage door opener failure doesn’t always require replacement. Sid’s Doors can organise regular garage door opener servicing so you get the highest return on your investment and peace of mind operation.

If you do encounter a problem, Sid’s Doors do specialise in the repair of broken brackets, springs, motors and control boards. We will get you up and running again in no time. Call our Alderley office today to discuss your needs.