Our Roller Door Opener Brisbane Range


Our roller door opener range guarantees the highest standards in garage automation, ensuring reliable and durable operation. Whether you have a single or double roller door, our installers will pick the right Merlin roller door opener tailored to your door’s condition, garage specifications, budget and special requirements, such as:

  • Security: Protect your home and family by ensuring the highest level of security with built-in timer-to-close, automatic safety reverse and force sensing features. Now improved transmitter range with the Security+ 2.0 system of our Merlin models.
  • Low noise level: Eliminate any noise, vibrations through the ceiling and enjoy soundless operation by getting one of our quiet motors of the Merlin Quiet and Silent range installed.
  • Energy-efficiency: Save up to 75% energy, using less than 1 watt of power in standby mode with our selected models.
  • Smart system: Monitor and control your door through the MyQ app. Let us know about your wireless opener system preference and we pick a MyQ-compatible model with real-time alerts, historical operation records and pre-set closing times.

Now a free servicing of your door is also included in the installation. Do not miss out on our special offers and package deals.

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What You’ll Get As Part Of Our Roller Door Opener Installation Brisbane Service


Mechanical Adjustments For Perfect Roller Opener Fit

  • Door balance test and adjustments, if necessary
  • Precise stop collar and weight bar installation
  • Securely fastened U-bolt and door mounting bracket
  • Door pinning to avoid ballooning and door damage
  • Extension pole attachment, if necessary


Your Perfectly Set Merlin Roller Door Opener (Chamberlain Roller Door Opener*)

  • Right or left side operation setting
  • Force & travel limit setting
  • Safety reverse & manual release test
  • Protector system installation (optional)
  • Wireless programming (optional)

Though almost any garage door can be automated, installing roller door openers can become risky and dangerous easily if it is not carried out by professionals. Usually, all roller doors need a bit of reworking and disassembly before your garage motor can be fitted. At Sid’s, we have 40 years of routine to carry out fast and reliable opener fitting. Our installers do that extra juggling for you and take care of every mechanical adjustment, programming and safety checks needed for smooth and lasting operation.

* Merlin is a brand of the Chamberlain Group


Switch Smart Roller Door Opener Today With Merlin MyQ Technology


Add another layer of security to your home by choosing our smart opener installation, controlling your garage door whenever and wherever you want and receiving alerts and notifications every time it is in use. Is your door compatible with our Our Merlin Silent Drive Essentials and Merlin Silent Drive Elite MyQ model? If not, do not worry. We run those extra miles for you, taking care of every adjustments and condition checks necessary for your wireless system. Do not hesitate to contact us and get your home MyQ connected today.