With 40 years of experience in remote control doors, Sid’s Door Services specialises in Merlin garage door opener fitting. We offer quality workmanship and an extensive range of professional openers and accessories that suit your garage door, requirements and budget.

In our residential garage automation projects at Sid’s Door Services, you do not need to worry about purchasing a motor nor installing it. Once we assessed the condition of your door, we provide a merlin garage door opener that fits perfectly and ensure it is installed properly. Our installation services cover every element of garage motor installation, including free servicing of your door, safety measures, door alignments and even a wireless control system set-up.

Whether you wish to transform your manual garage door or replace your existing garage motor system, you can be confident your door automation is carried out to the highest standards with Sid’s Door Services.

Merlin Garage Door Opener For All Types Of Doors

Every garage opener installation is backed by our warranty and a free service of your door, leaving you with a peace of mind in case something goes wrong. Contact us for further information on our openers, accessories and package deals or schedule your garage transformation with our installers right away.

Brisbane’s Merlin Garage Door Opener Specialist

Electric garage openers are faster, safer and more manageable. But it is difficult to find the right opener without expert knowledge. A garage door opener installation requires massive physical work, mechanical adjustments and attention to small details only a professional knows.

Our quality opener fittings guarantee extended garage door life, less maintenance, improved convenience and security. Whether it is for your new or existing garage door, our two-step installation finds the most suitable automation system for your door.

Is your garage door ready for the makeover? Almost any door can be automated, but sometimes they need a little extra care to knock them back into shape or just make them suitable for automation.

At Sid’s Door Services, door servicing and necessary adjustments are included in every installation, ensuring maximum fit, safety and functionality of your garage motor system. Our installation services include:

  • Consulting about belt-, chain- and direct-drive motor systems
  • Consulting about required opener horsepower
  • Safety checks for broken springs with replacements
  • Additional adjustments for automation suitability
  • Proper wiring and door opener securing
  • Proper counterbalance system installation
  • Opening and closing force fine-tuning

There are certain things to consider when finding the right opener. An automatic garage door opener must be powerful and strong enough to bear the weight of the door and withstand adverse weather conditions. In our residential projects, we work with professional Merlin garage openers, known for their durability, power and reliability. Our experienced installers assist you through the selection process and pick an automation system that ticks all the boxes based on:

  • Garage door material and weight
  • Garage door type (Roller, Sectional or Tilt door)
  • Local extreme weather conditions
  • Low noise level preference
  • Energy efficiency preference

Smart Garage Door Opener: Merlin MyQ System Set-Up

With today’s technology, it is easy to turn your garage into a smart garage. With our range of Merlin MyQ openers, you can open and close your door anytime from anywhere. You receive real-time alerts whenever someone opens the garage, giving you full control of your home’s security and family’s safety.

Whether you want to convert your existing garage into a smart garage with a smart hub or buy a completely new opener system with MyQ technology, our technicians help you with the installation. A smart hub set-up requires exact measures and attention to details. You need to ensure its light is visible from the entrance and it has a certain distance from the opener itself. As part of our complete installation package, we save you those extra ladder climbs and ensure proper installation of your system.

If wireless control of your revamped garage door is essential, our installers assist you with the right automation options and smart system set-up. Request a free quote and let your smartphone become your private 24/7 security.