Choosing The Best Tilt Garage Door Opener

A tilt garage door opener offers a more convenient way to open and close your garage doors. Countless homeowners across Australia have already installed their tilt door opener and it is time for you to do the same, too.


Merlin Tiltmaster MT100EVO & Commander Elite MS105MYQ

Sid’s Door Services is the leading distributor of Merlin tilt door openers. The Commander Elite and Merlin Tiltmaster models are the most popular and preferred openers all over Australia known for their quality and dependability. These powerful, quiet and industry standard-compliant garage door openers offer maximum protection and security for your garage, as well as a great convenience with  outstanding features, such as:

  • 7-year warranty
  • Compliance with industry standards
  • Security +2.0, ensuring the strongest frequency every time and providing the highest level of security
  • MyQ and battery backup compatible technology for wireless and reliable operation
  • Quiet DC motor, eliminating noise and vibration completely
  • Improved transmitter range with up to 18% better door opening range
  • Premium Safety Reversal Technology for automatic stop-and-reverse function

Wondering which opener would suit your tilt door best? Get free advice now as part of our installation package.

Why Opt for A Professional Tilt Garage Door Opener Installation?

The advantages you gain from a tilt garage opener greatly depends on not only the quality and dependability of its make and model, but also on how it is installed and set up. The installation is a highly technical process which requires experienced installers. Moreover, sometimes you need to knock your door back into shape before you can even automate it. Common mechanical adjustments and settings of a tilt door motor installation include:

  • Door balance, binding or sticking tests
  • Careful belt tensioning, avoiding overtightening
  • Secure header bracket positioning and fastening to structural supports
  • Perfect door opener fastening
  • Travel limit, travel speed, force setting and safety reverse system programming

Not sure how to carry out these? Instead of second-guessing and risking safe and secure operation of your tilt door, request your free quote now or give our experienced installers a call on (07) 3352 4418.


The Sid’s Advantage In Tilt Door Opener Systems

At Sid’s Door Services, we understand how frustrating it can be going home in heavy rain and then getting soaked even before getting inside because your door lacks the advantages of automation. We also have heard stories time after time people complaining about their not so dependable garage door openers.

At Sid’s Door Services, we understand this problem and not only provide you with the tilt door opener motor but also install it for you to ensure excellent, safe and smooth automation. Our installers have a considerable track record in delivering high-quality products and impeccable door services in Brisbane and nearby areas.”

With Sid’s you get:

  • The most trusted makes and models of garage door products and accessories
  • Full installation service from start to finish, including door condition checks, necessary mechanical adjustments, motor programming and safety tests for security and smooth operation
  • Excellent door services at par with industry standards and performed by well-trained technicians
  • Impeccable customer service perfected by experience and skills
  • Optimum reliability is evident in a commendable track record of products and services