Our Range Of Sectional Garage Door Opener

Choosing the right sectional door opener is not all black and white and goes beyond just taking a box off the shelves. Satisfaction with your garage automation really is in those small details. Your door specifications and budget will also determine what motor you should pick.

At Sid’s Door Services, we work with a wide range of Merlin openers. Whether you choose our classic bestseller Merlin MT100EVO Tiltmaster or one of our newest Commander models, years of smooth and excellent service is guaranteed. We will find the right motor for your door, whether you need an automation solution which provides:

  • Cyclone-prone operation: Choose our Merlin Commander Extreme opener, designed for extreme weather conditions, and make sure your garage is protected from the Brisbane cyclones at all times.
  • Space-saving: Maximise your garage space and garage storage opportunities. Reclaim your overhead space by choosing the newest Merlin Commander Ultimate model with wall-mounted design.
  • Silent operation: Make your garage quiet as a mouse. All our Merlin sectional door motors come with a quiet DC motor, eliminating noise and vibrations through the ceiling and providing smooth operation.
  • Smart control: Create schedules, monitor and receive alerts, and control your garage opener away from home. Maximise security and garage control and pick our Merlin Commander models with integrated MyQ technology and built-in Wi-Fi.

Having trouble with deciding which sectional door opener is the best pick for your door? Give us a call and get free advice.

Don’t forget about our special installation packages. Contact Us today and upgrade your Merlin opener with our special offer.

What’s Included In Your Full Sectional Door Opener Installation Service


Sectional Door Motor Rail System Fitting

  • Door balance checks and adjustments, if necessary
  • Precise rail length measures and ceiling fixing points
  • Securely tightened belt to avoid overtightening and excessive wear
  • Proper wall-mounted or ceiling mounted header bracket placement
  • Securely fastened door bracket for proper structural support


Garage Opener Programming For Safety & Security

  • Properly installed safety reversal system to avoid injuries
  • Correct adjustment of door force and travel limits
  • Safety reversal system test
  • Proper protector system installation to prevent entrapment
  • Wireless programming

Reliable and lasting door automation is all about the small details only a professional installer can know. Our free servicing ensures your door is ready for automation and our mechanical adjustments, opener programming, and tests guarantee your door’s motor perfect fitting and safe operation. Choose Sid’s Door Services and benefit not only from the best sectional garage door opener for your door, but also from its installation ensuring decades of excellent service. Contact us and get your garage door automated and MyQ connected today.