Garage Door Maintenance

Like your car, one of the most important aspects of your doors, gates & openers is to keep them operating correctly and efficiently by having them regularly serviced. This helps their operating life & minimises damage or accidents. Our team of professionals are expert in service work & maintenance checks.

Help validate your garage door opener warranty and help prevent wear and tear or poor performance, book scheduled maintenance and save.

What We’re Going to Check When Doing Garage Door Maintenance

Sid’s Doors is able to perform maintenance and servicing for all types of garage doors, including sectional overhead, tilt and roller doors and accessories. We also offer maintenance and servicing of commercial door openers and gate openers.

Lubricate bearing, steel hinges & pivot points

Bearing fail

Clean tracks as much as possible

roller tracks

Check Fasteners

Check door & track alignment

Alignment fail

Check opener travel & sensitivity settings (TBA)

Check lifting cables

lifting cables

Check door spring tension balance

What Our Garage Door Maintenance Service Entails

When the SID’s Doors professionals perform garage door maintenance or servicing, you can expect the following type of assistance:

  • Assessment: a highly experienced professional will check the garage door to determine how well it operates. A thorough inspection will involve the functioning of the garage door sensors and mechanical reverse, a balance test, an examination of the springs, pulleys, lifting cables, hinges and rollers to name a few.
  • Lubrication of moving parts: an important part of routine maintenance, lubrication enables the smooth and silent operation of the garage door. Usually, rollers, pulleys and springs are the ones that will be subjected to the procedure.
  • Tightening of door mounting points: loose hardware can make the door very noisy. Squeaks, creaking and rattling are all common signs that the mounting points need to be tightened.
  • Adjustment of spring tension: very important to reduce the risk of the so-called spring fatigue. When spring tension is adequate, the risk of opener failure goes down significantly.
  • Weather seal assessment: the weather stripping of the garage door is an important part of your home’s insulation. During a garage door inspection, the weather seal will be examined at the top, bottom and sides of the door to make sure there are no rips or tears. The flexibility of the strips will also be checked to ensure the material hasn’t deteriorated.


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    Why Should You Do Regular Garage Door Maintenance?

    The benefits of doing regular garage door maintenance are numerous – maximised safety and security, increased lifespan of the garage door and the garage door opener, cheaper repairs (if such are needed) and convenience since you wouldn’t be running into emergencies stemming from negligence.

    What Issues Can Result from Poor Garage Door Maintenance Practices?

    Unexpected repairs: when a garage door isn’t maintained properly, there’s always the risk of unexpected damage and emergencies. Often, such issues will be costly to fix and could’ve been prevented through a routine maintenance procedure.

    Poor garage door functioning: in the absence of routine maintenance, you’ll potentially experience less than optimal garage door functioning such as door not opening and/or closing all the way, squeaking and getting “stuck” during movement.

    Property security: a poorly functioning garage door can be forced open, which will immediately jeopardise the safety of your garage and property.

    How Often Should You Check the State of Your Garage Door

    A garage door inspection should optimally occur every year. This is especially important for garage doors being used on a daily basis. Obviously, the more you use the garage door, the more it will need professional servicing.

    The routine garage door maintenance procedure will include a few tests to assess functioning hardware tightening and lubrication of the parts that need it. A professional will also check for issues that could otherwise remain hidden until they become major problems.

    Garage door maintenance will also be needed whenever you run into a specific issue that interferes with functioning.